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Lic. Amine Barakat 

My mission as a nutritionist and dietitian is to empower individuals to take control of their health through informed and sustainable dietary choices. I am dedicated to promoting a balanced and nourishing approach to eating that not only addresses specific health concerns but also fosters a lifelong commitment to wellness. I aim to provide evidence-based guidance, personalized support, and practical strategies that help my clients achieve their health goals, whether it's managing chronic conditions, achieving a healthy weight, or optimizing athletic performance. I am committed to ongoing education, staying current with the latest research, and delivering compassionate care that empowers individuals to lead healthier, happier lives

The Process

My working method: I believe that each person is unique and that is how their nutritional plan should be. For this reason, I work in a personalized way to offer each person the best nutritional plan and service that fits their needs, schedules, lifestyle and tastes. I don't eliminate or forbid food, but I do teach you how to eat it and why. Understanding the why of things facilitates the objective.

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